A community of leaders and Trustees seeking to propose structural changes to our Provincial education system.


Join us in giving power to Schools and helping them become places where our youth can shine forth radiantly.


A Campaign promise made into something bigger.

This initiative was first brought to life by John McCrea, the Ward 5 Trustee for the Upper Canada District School Board. During his campaign, he promised a structural change to the way that decisions were made in the School Board. More specifically, he ran on the basis of "more $$ for Schools and less for School Boards". 


The Education Act is very prescriptive. Structural changes must come from the Province. Schools First, however, and others, over four years, may coalesce broad public support for structural change that the Province can enact with the stroke of a pen.

The Goal of the Initiative: Creating a Community


The promises that John made during his campaign are ones that are shared by many dedicated educators across Ontario. For that reason, he started the Schools First Initiative as a way to gather that community, grow support, and use the power of numbers to implement real, positive, and tangible change for students across Ontario.


The main focus areas of the Schools First Initiative can be seen below. If you have any questions or feel empowered to join our movement, we ask you to please send us a note. Together, we can do more. Together, we can make the Ontario education system better.




The following are a few of the primary focus areas for the Schools First Initiative at the moment. As our initiative grows, and more and more supporters join the movement, our focus areas will change.


Over time, this initiative will launch issue-specific campaigns directed at making tangible and positive changes in School Boards across Ontario.

Providing  Daycare in our Schools

Rethinking Student Meal Programs

Quality Control $$ Shifted to Within Schools

Rewarding our Best to Inspire Further Successes

Providing Support and Opportunities for Students and Climate Change Awareness


Do you have an idea for a new Focus area? Are you a leader that wants to get involved? Get in touch!


The SchoolsFirst Initiative is an initiative launched by John McCrea, the Trustee from Ward 5 in the Upper Canada District School Board. Its goal is to create a community of like-minded leaders on a set of common goals to push forward a positive change in our Ontario Education system. Join John in supporting our students.

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