Climate Change Action

The most urgent issue facing our World.

The time to act is now! 

Our Letter Campaign

Making our voices heard, on the most urgent issue of our time, one letter at a time. 

Schools First is proud to launch our Letter Campaign, in which we will seek your help in writing letters to important decision makers in Canada on the topic of Climate Change. Here's how it will work: 

You write your letter on a climate change topic that you are passionate about and submit it to us! 

We will post your open-letter (can be anonymous if required) for our readers to see and share! 

We will then print out your letter, put a stamp on it, and send it physically to the offices of decision makers in Canada.

Got your letter written? 

Submit it here.

I allow Schools First to post this letter online, as well as physically mail it for me.

I require this letter be posted/mailed anonymously

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Our Poster Search

Our Ontario-wide search for the best posters used during any climate-change related protest this year.

You work hard, create a fantastic poster, go out and make your voice heard. It's that type of passion that we think matters in this world. We want to celebrate it! That is why we are launching an Ontario-wide search for some of the best posters created. Submit yours below, and we may feature your poster on our site and social media channels! 

Ready to submit your favorite posters?

This image is mine, and I have the permission of all individuals involved to share and post it online (with the picture credits provided)

Please reach out to me before posting this anywhere for further discussion.

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The SchoolsFirst Initiative is an initiative launched by John McCrea, the Trustee from Ward 5 in the Upper Canada District School Board. Its goal is to create a community of like-minded leaders on a set of common goals to push forward a positive change in our Ontario Education system. Join John in supporting our students.

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