John McCrea

Ward 5 Trustee, UCDSB

This initiative was first started by John as a way to create a community of like-minded leaders in Ontario. His goal is that with more individuals involved, we would be able to find better solutions to issues facing our Education system, and then have more strength in bringing those solutions to life. Below is a bit more about who John is..

A Dedicated Neighbor

John has lived in the community his entire life. He has always been an informed and vocal resident on many critical issues, and has always made himself available to serve. He believes in listening to his neighbors and understanding their perspective, then taking a stand if necessary.


Some of his favourite memories come from his time as a coach for local softball and hockey teams, where he found himself helping the future of our world develop and learn important skills.

A Dedicated Neighbor

John's history of representing his municipality includes his tenure as Reeve starting in 2003, his candidacy for Parliament in 2008 and his numerous experiences delivering mentoring workshops to youthful audiences in places like Maynard PS and SGDHS. All of this experience has left John well prepared to understand the pressures of being a Trustee and how to direct his energy to represent you in the best way possible.

A Vocal Advocate on Issues​

John has long been someone who has observed the UCDSB closely. In fact, he can remember his first time speaking in public about School Boards almost 49 years ago. Fast forward to more recent times, and you can find John being a vocal advocate, both in person and over mail, challenging the UCDSB about closing rural schools and the effect that has on local residents. As your Trustee, John will only continue his advocacy and always consider the community he will be representing.

A Dedicated Family Man

Above all else, John’s main priorities are his family and faith. He is a proud grandparent, a supportive spouse, a practising Christian and an Optimist member with the Spencerville Club. He is proud to be a certified arborist, an environmentalist and is passionate about the community which he has called his home his entire life.

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The SchoolsFirst Initiative is an initiative launched by John McCrea, the Trustee from Ward 5 in the Upper Canada District School Board. Its goal is to create a community of like-minded leaders on a set of common goals to push forward a positive change in our Ontario Education system. Join John in supporting our students.

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